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Top 10 Quirky Hotels

For people looking to escape the ordinary, these offbeat hotels are worth checking out.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge: Bay Lake, Fla.
This hotel's 33-acre grounds host more than 200 native African animals and birds.

Jules' Undersea Lodge: Key Largo, Fla.
Spend your day scuba diving, and your night 30 feet underwater in this unique hotel.

Library Hotel: New York, N.Y.
This quiet luxury hotel is a bibliophile's dream, with rooms organized by the Dewey Decimal System.

Luxor Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas, Nev.
The pyramid at this theme resort is home to the only spotlight visible from space.

Madonna Inn: San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Spend a night in the jungle, a Swiss chalet or any one of the 105 wildly themed rooms.

M.V. Challenger Bunk & Breakfast: Seattle, Wash.
The wallpaper's made of nautical charts aboard this tugboat moored on Lake Union.

Old Jail Bed & Breakfast: Taylors Falls, Minn.
Built in 1884, the Jail Cottage still has its original iron bars on the windows.

Post Ranch Inn: Big Sur, Calif.
This upscale resort hideaway in the redwoods of California features seven treehouse guestrooms.

Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art: San Francisco, Calif.
Relive the Haight-Ashbury heyday in the Summer of Love room--lava lamp and tie-dye included.

Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, Colo. Updated since its starring role in "The Shining," this upscale hotel has been enjoying renewed fame.
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