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Tips on Home Decorating


Our last style, Western/Southwest, encompasses two distinct looks that are often confused. Western art has a similar feel to Native American art, in that it tends to glorify the old west. You will see many images featuring cowboys, horses, boots and saddles. The current color palette is running towards the bright shades of orange, red and purple that are depicted in sunsets and other backdrops behind the cowboy and his horse. Smaller images of Western garb and accessories, with more subtle coloring, are also a popular look when placed in groupings.

The design of much of the Western furniture incorporates rustic leather or denim with rough wood textures. Accessories can include light fixtures made from deer antlers, and rugs that resemble saddle blankets. Images of dried animal skulls, that were made popular by Georgia O'Keeffe, is another popular Western look.

Some examples of Western images are "Hurry Sunup" and "Just For the Heck Of It" by Tim Cox. "A Dash For Timber" by Remington is a classic Western image.

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Although the Western legend was part of the Southwest, the current Southwest style is defined by a mixture of desert landscapes and quaint interior settings. The color palette tends to be more soft gray undertone shades of green, teal, purple and terra-cotta rather than the earthy colors seen in the Western images.

An example of images in the Southwest style would be "Desert Harmony" by Adin Shade.
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