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Tips on Home Decorating


For those who love the ornate, highly detailed look of centuries past, Antiques (or their modern equivalent, old world reproductions) may be the style you are looking for. Of course there are many periods, designs and places of origin that comprise the category of "Antiques." For the purposes of this article, we will refer to the Victorian period as the defining style that is recently experiencing a rebirth in popularity.

With the new interest in the Victorian look, you will see many elements of this style incorporated into different aspects of home decor. There are currently some successful retailers that have capitalized on this popular look by featuring reproductions of this style of furniture for a very reasonable cost. The majority of woods used are mahogany and cherry and the designing of the furniture incorporates delicate graceful lines with interesting accent details. The Victorian look brings a femininity to the accent pieces with velvet and brocaded fabrics and tasseled pillows and lampshades.

The wall decor that defines this look can vary from still life, botanicals, nature studies and hunt scenes of the Victorian era to the portrait studies and religious subject matter of the Renaissance period. This wide variety of subject matter and color palettes allows for the flexibility required to adopt the images to your particular taste. Many of the images can be matted in the soft colors and delicate framing that enhances the feminine feel of Victorian furniture. However, the majority of the images can be matted in darker or more vibrant colors as well and, incorporated with heavier framing, can be transformed to a look that would appeal to both men and women.

"Plum" and "Pear" by Wendel are excellent examples of the detail and color of the "botanical" style.

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The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo (full image and detail), and "Two Angels" by Raphael are classic examples of Renaissance art.

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The Lady of Shallot" by Waterhouse, "The Story Book" by William Bouguereau, "The Accolade" by Leighton and "The Storm" by Pierre August Cot are examples of the Victorian style at its finest.

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