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Tips on Home Decorating


The Modern style of decorating takes the contemporary look one step further for an even more dramatic effect. The furniture tends to have very clean lines, free of ornamentation, and incorporates glass, metals, and a high-tech feel into the texture of the pieces. As with contemporary, if your furniture is of a neutral or solid color, it is easier to tie in your accessories to the accent colors in your artwork that you wish to bring out in the room.

Abstract art is the perfect backdrop to the modular look of the furnishings. Abstract art comes in a variety of color palettes from bright to subdued, so you should have no problem finding images to work with your current color schemes. Images such as "Olympia" and "Oblique" by Laurie Fields, "Roma" and "Venice" by Gravelle, Texture I and Texture II by Jeanne (Hunter) Hughes and Imperor 35 by Vasili Kandinsky are excellent examples of abstract imagery that combine color with line to continue the Modern theme.

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HELPFUL HINT: If you would like to create a Contemporary or Modern room and your furniture is upholstered in a color or pattern that fights with your objective, many neutral colored slipcovers are available through catalogs and home decor retailers. By changing the color or pattern of your upholstery you can create an entirely new look for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture.
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