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Examining DNA sequence gels.

Genetic testing will be available for 25 common conditions such as colon cancer.
Interventions will be available to decrease a personís risk of most of these genetic diseases.
For example, patients found to be at high risk for colon cancer will be told to undergo regular colonoscopies beginning at age 25.
Gene therapy will prove successful for several conditions.

Most doctors will begin practicing genetic medicine.
Preimplanation diagnosis will be widely available.
The limitations of genetic testing will be fiercely debated. Questions will include, What applications are appropriate?
Effective legislative solutions to medical records privacy will be in place in the United States.

Access to genetic screening and therapies remains inequitable, especially in the developing world.

Circular double stranded human DNA molecules wrap around one another.

Gene-based designer drugs will be available for common conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
Cancer therapy will be targeted to the molecular fingerprint of the tumor.
Pharmacogenetic applications will be standard practice for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.
Genetic diagnosis and treatment of mental illness will be avaiable.
Geneticists will learn how to perform germ-line gene therapy without affecting other genes and hence human germ-line therapy will be declared safe and ethical.

DNA helix model.
Genes involved in aging will be fully catalogued.
Clinical trials will be underway to extend maximum human lifespan.
Use of a full computer model of human cells will replace laboratory experiments. The complete genomic sequencing of an individual will be routine, cost less than $1,000.
Major anti-technology movements will be active in the United States and elsewhere.

A dropper with fluid hovers above nine labeled test tubes during recombinant DNA gene research.

Complete genome-based health care will be the norm.
Individualized preventive medicine will be available and largely effective.
Illness will be detected earlier, before symptoms develop, by molecular surveillance. Gene therapy and gene-based drug therapy will be available for most diseases.
The average lifespan will reach 90 years.
The debate about the role of humans in taking charge of their own evolution grows louder. Who is to decide what is a good characteristic or trait?
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