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20+ ways to update your look

Somewhere between 18 and 29 we master the hemlength that suits, the eyeliner that flatters and the hairdo that takes three minutes to fix, then we get comfortable. And dated.

Decade leaping takes courage and the will to experiment. Let Paloma Picasso wear the same red lipstick for 30 years; you have other tricks up your sleeve. After you give up a Jennifer Aniston 'flip-do' you can do anything.

'70s Woman

Ditch: Henna for the hair. It looks best on teenage Goth girls.
Switch: To natural silver, blond highlights or lush auburn. Invest in a colorist.

Ditch: Your college jeans, it's time to hand them down.
Switch: To flattering suit pants, stretch cords or velvet Capris.

Ditch: Cocoa-colored lipliner with nude gloss, spindly mascara-heavy lashes, heavy tanning.
Switch: Fattening and flattering cherry and berry tones, good powder bronzer, one coat of clear lash mascara.

Ditch: Really huge, really uncomfortable tote bag.
Switch: A pretty city tote that carries the bare basics. You are no longer sleeping in the rain at Woodstock.

Keep: Cowboy boots, carpenter husband, Moroccan djellaba, surfboard, Stones albums, silver and turquoise bracelets, integrity, oatmeal cookie recipes, '40s dresses/Ossie Clark/Zandra Rhodes and Jean Muir.

'80s Woman

Ditch: Big, hard hair, hot rollers, hair spray, short 'perky' fringe, curly Melanie Griffith bangs, Shaggy 'Valerie Bertinelli' bangs, bangs period.
Switch: A soft layered un-do (Meg Ryan/Cate Blanchett-esque), a chignon or (if addicted to bangs) a bob like Audrey Tatou's in "Amelie."

Ditch: Fluffy, embroidered sweaters, leather micro-mini, ankle boots, lace stockings, multiple bracelets or keep one and wear it as ironic 'post' statement.
Switch: Your first no-shoulder-pads suit. White for black. An evening dress without any spangles, velvet bits or pie crust collars.

Ditch: Fur, distressed leather, long 'Edwardian' overcoat for work.
Switch: Cashmere layers. Short Tocca coat. Leather gloves and calf boots only.

Keep: Investment savvy, first Prada backpack, DKNY black body suit, gym addiction, Bruce Springsteen albums, Cowboy hat, La Perla account, red lipstick, gold bracelet (just one), real diamond earrings, denim jacket (non embroidered), Walter Steiger, Maud Frizon, Sonia Rykiel, heels, gold hoop earrings. Black 'Joan Jett' eyeliner.

'90s Woman

Ditch: Stuff that reminds you of "Friends:" the Rachel 'do, too many blonde highlights or Phoebe's "jogging style" double-knot pony tail. Extreme push-up bra, jeans with everything, zip-front leather jacket, anything GAP.
Switch: Braids or soft natural curls instead of the scrunchie. A vintage ALAIIA style waisted leather jacket, a bra that doesn't look hard wired, mis-matched stripes and dots, a man's silk tie and a waist coat.

Ditch: Skinny, skinny eyebrows circa 1991.
Switch: Bushy but sculpted brows, somewhere between Ava Gardner and Brooke Shields circa '78 ("Pretty Baby").

Ditch: Roll neck cashmere sweater, JP Tods, skinny pants (Elle Macpherson, supermodel).
Switch: Pleated Hermes scarf, boat-necked cashmere sweater, tuxedo pants, gold tap dancing shoes (Charlotte Gainsbourg, super-rebel)

Ditch: Logo mania, handbag/sunglasses/perfume/magazine addiction/shopping mania, obsession with celebrities' cellulite levels. And, SAY IT LOUD, banish G-string thongs now!
Switch: To real novels instead of McFiction, French knickers, your own seamstress.

Keep: Yoga classes, natural skin-care, vintage savvy, one logo item (framed), honey-colored fish nets, Monolos (for bridesmaids at your wedding), hats, Laura Mercier make-up brushes, fig-scented candles, handbags (for granddaughters), one G-string (for birthdays and Christmas).
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