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Mini skirts at any age?

What I'm going to do is go out and buy two full-length mirrors. Then I'm going to get naked and take a long, serious look at the backs of my legs.

Minis in your 20s

Some of this season's miniskirts are seriously short. Kinky short. If you've always wanted to be a walking fetish, now's your chance. But, make sure the scandalous stuff only comes out at night. For daytime, casual minis in denim are everywhere, with ballet flats and summer sandals.

Mini-friendly product:

An airbrushed tan. Step into an automated booth in a place like The Sun Shop in Hamburg, New York. You'll emerge $12 poorer, but with a flawless (and safe) golden glow.

Minis in your 30s: Of course--but no bum flashing unless you still get carded every time you go out. Let the younger sisters shock; you can use subtler means to knock 'em dead with a short skirt. Mid-thigh cuts work in a casual office, with a sleek T, kitten heels and a jacket to keep the wolves at bay.

Let's face it, a miniskirt does get noticed by most males. Wear a pantsuit one day and trade the pants for a short skirt the next, and notice the different vibe. I'm not being sexist, it's biology, baby.

Mini-friendly product: Hair-removal creams that don't smell vile (try Nair's Vanilla Smoothie) and post-shave lotions that inhibit hair re-growth. Curel and Jergens both make variations of these.

Minis in your 40s: This is where the miniskirt inspires maximum debate. In a TV station production department filled with fashion-forward women I put up the shout: "Miniskirts in your 30s?" "Sure!" was the resounding answer. "Okay, minis in your 40s?" I asked. A 20-year-old said, "Yes, if you've got the legs." And a producer in her 40s stated, "Sure, but I wouldn't." This spring's look is bare, and wearing it as you enter your fifth decade takes moxie. Go for something like Anna Sui's neat white dress, and steer clear of fringed denim.

Mini-friendly product: Sclerotherapy. This doctor-administered injection gets rid of spider veins, for a somewhat hefty price. It costs between $350 and $500 dollars per vein.

Minis in your 50s: For comfort and style, bring the hemline down quite a few notches. Some things, like pierced tongues, Hello Kitty and skirts that end at the butt are the province of the very young. But a more conservative skirt paired with flats has a freshness that works at any age. Use this formula—do you still wear shorts? Then wear a skirt that's the same length as your shorts. It'll put some polish on what's usually a very casual look.

Mini-friendly product: Great underwear. The new shape is a modified boy cut. It's fashionable, feminine and covers everything nicely.
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