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Dress 10 Pounds Slimmer
  1. Choose darker colors as the basis of your wardrobe -- navy, black, charcoal gray.
  2. Use undergarment foundations -- from all-in-one shapers to control top pantyhose.
  3. Focus on playing up your best features, for example showing off shapely legs with a knee-length skirt.
  4. Choose fabrics that don't cling, avoiding stiff or bulky textures.
  5. Use accessories to draw attention to your face -- scarves, earrings, etc..
  6. Avoid anything too tight or clingy.
  7. Make sure you scale your accessories -- from your handbag to your earrings, to your size.
  8. Choose clean-lined clothing without big embellishment or buttons.
  9. Pay special attention to creating strong vertical lines to look taller and slimmer.


  1. Prints should be scaled for your body -- no ditzy prints if you are large.  In general, it's the space between prints that makes them unflattering, so look for prints that have overlapping images.
  2. Don't shy away from sleeveless garments, especially eveningwear that you can cover up with a shawl, sheer top or bolero jacket.
  3. Don't think that baggy clothes make you look slimmer. Body-conscious clothes that hint at your curves, without being clingy or tight, are the most flattering.


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