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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Neutrals are fine for much of your wardrobe, but color adds punch and personality if you know how to use it.

Here's How:

  1. Start by holding different color swatches up to your face to find flattering hues.
  2. Assess your current wardrobe to decide which colors coordinate best.
  3. Narrow it down to two or three new vivid colors. 
  4. If it's an acceptable color for makeup like rose or fuchsia, start by using the color on your lips or nails.
  5. Add accessories in one of your new bright colors.
  6. Try a camisole in the new color under a neutral jacket.
  7. Once you've incorporated color in small amounts, try adding accent pieces like jackets and cardigans.


  1. Don't stray too far from your normal style with color -- it you're used to wearing beiges, fuchsia will be too stark of a contrast.
  2. Don't pay too much attention to which colors you should or shouldn't wear according to your hair, skin an eye colors. Most of us have cosmetically altered our natural colors anyway.
  3. Do put bright colors on or near your best assets, because they draw attention.
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