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Time-Saving Salon Tips

Clock Your Salon Time

Anyone with a full day can get a bit restless when clocking salon time. To get the most from your visit and still have time left in your day, try these time-trimming tips.

Schedule your next appointment before you leave the salon. Book maintenance cuts 4 weeks out; for shorter styles, make an appointment in 5 - 6 weeks, and for long hair, you can plan on coming back in 6 - 8 weeks.

Allow yourself 60-90 minutes for a haircut or single process color, and 2 1/2 hours for highlights.

Call ahead on appointment day to see if your stylist is running on time. If not, don't despair. Be grateful you've gotten a heads-up: you can spend more time on work, with the kids, etc., rather than sitting endlessly and flipping through magazines in the salon waiting area.

Take the first appointment of the day if you want to get in and out quickly. Select the last appointment if you want your stylist's unhurried attention.

Avoid Time Traps

Consider these suggestions for at-home hair care in a hurry:

You need to wash hair only every other day -- less-frequent washes are actually better for hair.

For quick dries: Avoid heavy conditioners as they retain moisture. Wrap hair in a towel and squeeze out excess before blowing dry.

When blowing hair dry, use your fingers until hair is 80 percent dry. Then use your styling brush to finish the job.

If you use hairspray, use an aerosol or dry version. Pump sprays are wetter and require more drying time.

If your daily hair maintenance exceeds 20 minutes per day, you may want to consider a more time-friendly style.