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Make-up Trends for Spring/Summer 2004

This year the spring and summer trend is "lighten your look". Makeup artists say spring 2004 will also be a season of glowing skin and easy glamour. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you put your look -- and products -- together:

Change your lipstick -- The easiest and fastest way to lighten your look is to lighten your lipstick. Go for a shade that matches your lips -- or simply pick pink. It looks great on all skin tones and it makes you feel pretty.

Go with gold -- Gold, bronze and silver flecks can be seen in everything from eye shadow, blush, lipstick and gloss to body lotion and powder. The new spring/summer products are very light and create a super-sheer surface which is almost impossible to overdo it. Also try the new gold-flecked body lotions which give bare legs a beautiful glow.

Blush is back -- Again opt for pinks/mauves this season sweeping the blush upward and inward from the apple of the cheeks to the temple area."

Green is in -- Try green eyeshawdows like bright kiwi to khaki to almost-turquoise. However, don't use a brown or black liner with green shadow. Instead for a real spring look, use a matching liner. Do use lots of black or brown mascara to lengthen and thicken your lashes."

Pink looks great -- If your skin tone is in the cool family, choose a pink that is valentine in color. If you have a warm skin tone, a peachy pink will look fabulous. Wear it on the eyes, cheeks and of course, the lips.

Shiny lips are in -- Lip gloss is very big this spring/summer. To make your lips patent-leather-like shiny, wear gloss alone or over your lipstick."

Don't neglect your skin -- Wear atleast SPF15 to protect from sun damage.Remember, no makeup will look good on unhealthy skin. Cleanse, tone and hydrate skin atleast once a day.