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Better Than Botox!
Make-up Trends for Fall/Winter 2003

A simple way to update your look is to change your makeup subtly with the season. Season by season new beauty trends emerge to reflect the dominant fashion looks. Whether it is the smooth glamour of 1940's starlet, soft, natural, hippy-girl casual or the haughty Slavic look of a Russian aristocrat you can choose the looks that suit you and your wardrobe.

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Try some of these effects:
  • Sexy smoky eyes and heavy dark brows. Eyes are always important as Audrey Hepburn said "The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart."
  • Loosen up - don't be too perfect smudge the edges of your makeup to soften the effect
  • Be adventurous ( even quirky) with colour - on your lips, on your nails, (even purple, and blue)
  • Be inspired by retro- super smooth skin with pouting red (of course) movie star lips
And the biggest makeup look for winter 2003 - deep smouldering eyes, dark defined brows, pale skin and soft neutral looks.

Want to try a new look this season? Follow this step by step to guide from Elizabeth Arden.....

Nature sets the stage this season. Mysterious and romantic, Elizabeth Arden's Natural Riches Colour Collection transforms nature's richly textured colours into two sumptuous colour palettes.

Warm and Provocative
Eyes are veiled in teak and green, dark red lips sparkle with golden shimmer while cheeks are warmed with a hint of toasty colour. These warm-toned hues are the perfect accessory for the evocative styles of the season.

The Products:
Eyeshadow Singles, $16 ea, Sherbet, Teak and Loden, Limited edition Dual Perfection Eyeshadow/Eye Liner, $30, in Forest/Sage, Limited edition Dual Perfection Lipstick/Lip Liner, $38, in Copper and Russet, Cheekcolour, $48, in Terrarose.

Sensual and Seductive
Rich, plum-shadowed eyes, accented with sparkling lilac, smolder and seduce. Deep berry demi-matte lips, shimmered with mauve, speak volumes. Plum blushed cheeks glow from within. This berry-based palette echoes the enticing new Fall styles.

The Products:
Eyeshadow Singles, $16, Moonbeam, Pewter and Plumsmoke, Limited edition Dual Perfection Eyeshadow/Eye Liner, $30, in Current/Heather, Limited edition Dual Perfection Lipstick/Lip Liner, $38, in Peony and Cassis, Cheekcolour, $48, in Sugar Plum.