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Hair Trends for 2004

Un-Do and Tousled Tresses

Sauntering down the runway at the spring 2004 fashion shows, besides the latest seasonal looks, was hair -- and lots and lots of it! At every fashion show, hair made a big impression, with looks decidedly unstructured and sexy.

The trend toward more bountiful hair is at its height. Hair with volume is flattering to most face shapes and body types. It especially works for wavy, curly hair, going with hair's texture instead of fighting it, which is always a plus.

Here, the latest trends, accompanied by home how-tos:

The "Un-Do"
A new variation of how to wear your hair up makes an appearance each season. This time around, it's all about the "un-do" -- an updo that's purposely loose and seemingly on the verge of tumbling down. To get the current look of stylish disarray, it's as easy as randomly pinning up sections of hair with bobby pins, then letting some loose for that sexy, tousled look. The requisite volume at the crown is achieved by doing a little tease -- brush hair down from ends to root with a teasing comb or brush. Try Kerastase Aqua-Mousse Elasto Curl ($25.99) to volumize hair before setting. Aveda Brilliant Hair Spray ($13) will help keep hair from getting too out of hand.

Tousled Tresses
Loose and flowing waves, looking more than a little rumpled, bounced down the runway this spring. Waves gone awry can be had by setting hair in pin curls, or by using my "Candy Wrappers," soft, spongy curlers covered with cotton fabric (available at You can sleep on them, or dry the set with a hair dryer. Setting half-inch sections of hair with a wide-barreled curling iron will also work as the first step. When curls are set, take down hair, tousle it with your fingers, then tease it a bit at the roots. Finish with hairspray to hold curl in straight hair, or pomade or silicone spray (like Kerastase Vernis Nutri-Sculpt, $25.99) to add moisture and shine in textured hair.

Lowdown Pony and Straight

Lowdown Pony
The ponytail gets an unstructured update this year. Decidedly not prim or perky, the spring 2004 ponytail is tied low and loose -- with plenty of free-flowing tendrils and bushy tails to complete the undone feel. To get the lowdown pony, first create volume and texture in hair by setting hair in curls, using a curling iron. You can also blow-dry hair with a thickening product (like Aveda Be Curly Enhancing Lotion, $16), sectioning hair with your fingers and twisting as you dry. Next gather hair loosely into a ponytail low at the nape of the neck. To complete the look, free some pieces of hair from the ponytail so they frame the face.

Stubborn on Straight
No matter what the runway experts espouse, straight hair is always the only way to go for some women. For those who want to stick to straight, I suggest updating the look with an of-the-moment cut -- longer bangs with an angle are new this season, as are layers throughout the hair. To get hair straight and shiny quicker than ever, eliminate the damaging routine of blow-drying then flat-ironing. Instead, invest in the new Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron. Use on damp hair for that classic look of smooth, shiny style that's always in fashion.

Scooby Doo, where are you?